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Website updates 2019

Hi everyone,

A quick note from us - we have been working hard over the winter to develop a brand new booking system and website for the climbing centre and we are now at the stage where we are going to start to bring this new system live!!  All very exciting for those involved in the build i'm sure but I am acutely aware it is very boring for everyone else (yawn yawn) BUT please bear with us while I explain some of the changes:

  • The main reason for change is that our current servers are being shut down March 2020.  This means we have to migrate everything we have across before it is switched off or we loose the lot!
  • This includes all of our customers details who have registered with us and signed our acceptance of risk forms for themselves or on behalf of someone else
  • It also includes all of our future bookings to a new system.
  • if you are struggling to find our website - please re-type www.farpeakclimbing.co.uk into your browser (as the cache might still point to the old domain)
The safest and most secure way to implement this change is to ask all of our existing customers to re-register with our new system and complete a new waiver when the new system goes live in July.  I would like to apologise for any inconvenience in advance but once re-registered on our new system it should be much easier to keep up to date and also give you some great new benefits, especially for our members.

With the new system we will also be adding some new products and services including:
  • members only activities and prices
  • new membership for juniors and adults
  • simpler waiver procedures for multiple bookings
Please bear with us while we get on top of the new system and hopefully it will make things better all round.  
Many thanks again,

Tom Williams
General Manager
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